Senyuan electric vehicle remote car based on the WiFi camera have powerful function of intelligence, the ultimate goal is not in 4 s shop to watch the people never leave home can choose car car, enjoy extraordinary luxury experience.。

The omni-directional remote non-dead Angle watch car, can also voice video dialogue, facilitate emotional communication.This is the most significant breakthrough in the difference between the traditional sense and the store experience.Customers can remote viewing anytime and anywhere, transported to the scene, hear clear, can be a two-way dialogue, the user can not be restricted by location, by mobile phone, tablet, or smart TV, see a car in the real-time video, hear the sound of the surrounding, and can issue commands, let relevant people to participate in interactive, can ask questions in time, and can be remotely in the discussion and resolved in a timely manner to the world immediately in front, let no longer far away.


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